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Tradition and Future

“A warm welcome from Hoyer” - this is not only a slogan, but rather the living philosophy at Hoyer. The people at Hoyer are the most important component of the company’s success. In the past - just like the present and future - our team spirit, reflected by our high motivation, self sufficiency and sense of responsibility, remains a guarantee of our continued success.

On the outskirts of the Lüneburg Heath lies the small town of Visselhövede, first documented in the year 1258 and located in the middle of the countryside. Despite its remote location, it is centrally located in the Hamburg-Bremen-Hannover triangle. Here is where the history of the family and the Hoyer company begins.

A first foundation for the company was laid by Wilhelm Hoyer (I.) in 1924. The firm Wilhelm Hoyer VISKA-Fabrikate, located on Rotenburger Straße 12 in Visselhövede, was founded and entered into the commerce registry.

In the same year, a commercial building with shops, offices, production and storage was built at the same location. From there, our work could begin.

Back then, for Wilhelm Hoyer too, the customer was already main focus. He rode with his bike across the land and sold wagen grease, belt wax, shoe polish and floor wax, as well as cattle and horse blankets.

In the year 1965, the company was transferred to his son, who shared the same name: Wilhelm Hoyer (II.). In the same time period, motorization in agriculture had already begun, and as a result it was possible to develop in new fields of business. Diesel and lubricants for agriculture soon became the main sources of revenue. Later, the first oil stoves were to be installed to heat homes, and these had to be supplied for accordingly. Mobility then also required the construction and supply of the first street gas stations on site and within the region, as well as dedicated handling and tank storage. 

Now, customers in a 70km radius from Visselhövede were promptly and reliably supplied with heating oil, Diesel fuel and gasoline with by four tanker trucks. 

In the year 1900, the family tradition had carried over into the third generation. Heinz Wilhelm Hoyer had taken over the whole responsibility of general partner and CEO of the diverse companies of Wilhelm Hoyer (II.).

In part due to reunification and national activities at the time, the business was able to expand considerably. 

In this time, the LPG business with canisters and tanks was also established and our own firm, Hoyer G.m.b.H., was founded. 

In the year 2002, the firm Emil Finke GmbH was taken over after their bankruptcy, and newly established as Finke Mineralölwerk GmbH. Since them, Finke produces and sells quality lubricants under the brand AVIATICON. 

In the year 2015, Heinz Wilhelm Hoyer handed the business over to his sons Thomas, Markus and Stefan Hoyer. 

All three of them lead their own area of expertise in the group, although they coordinate very closely with one another.

The family cohesion makes it possible for the family of companies to remain standing in the future and to develop in positive ways.

The people in a company are the most important element for ongoing business success.

The History

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